Founded in 2007 from ideas written on a Stone Paper Notebook, GoodBet started as a small website that was offering information and education on horse racing and generally this sport. In the beginning, we had not offered betting as we have not had any license to provide betting services. Over time, we managed to achieve it so we started with betting and organizing such events. This was the result of the team who gathered horse racing enthusiasts and who managed to offer something better and more stable to other people.
At this moment, we have a team of ten people who work around the clock to ensure everything goes smooth and well. We tend to keep this place, which gathers all people who share a passion for this sport, safe, regulated and interesting, as we want to expand our community and make it bigger. We want to gather around professionals, veteran racers, newcomers and those that are the part of horse breeding industry in order to have a niche hub that accumulates all the knowledge about this sport.
We cover social media networks with useful guides, articles and news from this world as a result, we attracted over 10 thousand users over just a month. Everyday, we post new articles, news and reviews that can be very useful to players, especially those who like to bet all the time. These are made by experienced bookkeepers and fans of this sport who have spent decades into this sport. Feel free to enjoy in our content, post a question or comment if you find something confusing and complex, do not forget to recommend us to other players as we provide nothing but the best horse racing experience! We hope that our website will be useful to all owners, breeders, jockeys and all other who have an affinity towards the horse racing!