The Three Best Horse Racing Apps

The smartphones have completely revolutionized the online betting and also hit the horse racing. As it is no different than other forms of betting, this type of betting uses the same principles of betting apps, with the difference where you can filter the offers according to a specific set of features, like young horses or male horses race.  These are the most popular apps for horse betting.

Derby Quest – The best simulator

If you think that you could be a good trainer in this sport, Derby Quest is the best 3D racing game that allows you to control horses. You choose food, equipment and events for your horses while galloping to the successful victory! It is rated as the best horse racing game and it should be a good starting point for all enthusiasts. It is available on Android and iOS systems.

Racing Post app

This is the best online horse racing app that you will find! Beside the UK and Ireland, which are the main destinations for this betting, you can enjoy in events from France, the United Arab Emirates and Asia. It offers integrated in-depth analyses and predictions that you can use for the events. Also, the news section is constantly updated so you can read a lot of useful information regarding this sport.

Live streaming for your racing event is something that gives you confidence in the whole thing, and it eliminates the thoughts that the race has been set up in advance in order to cheat players. Now, you can enjoy in live streaming both on PC and smartphone while placing bets on your preferred horse. The only downside is that allows you to participate in watch only events that are in Victoria. The states (as well as countries) are not allowed at the moment.