Tipsters Competition

This section explains the competitions and how you should start with the betting on horses. Of course, feel free to ask if you have any questions that you would like to ask!
Our next free to enter horse racing tipster competition with a first prize of £25, begins on the 1st of April. Do not miss your chance!
This tipster competition is free to enter but, you must have registered, before entering your selections (unless you registered for a previous competition and your details are the same). You can enter as many horses as you wish, up to a maximum of 12 in any one day, the total number of selections permitted, over the course of the competition, which is approximately one month, is 50. – Start date: 1/4/2005 Finish date: 30/4/2005. Have in mind that due to a large number of users that want to register, the website could be a bit slower than usually, so have in mind that information.
Important notification!!! There are no Tipsters Competitions in November or March, as these are the months for our holidays. So, if you enter selections they will be displayed but no results will be shown.
The leaders in the table will be displayed on the tipsters page every day (if you do not wish to have your real name displayed enter a nickname when registering. To register for both competitions Click Here. The registration process is very simple and it will take less than 5 minutes to finish the process.


Tipster Naps Competition

Our next free to enter horse racing tipster naps competition, with a first prize of £25, begins on the 1st of April. Registration is not required, unless you want to have the opportunity of winning the cash prize. This competition is also over the period of one month – Start date: 1/4/2005 Finish date: 30/4/2005. Note that you should register in order to be able to collect the cash prize!
This competition requires that over the period of a month, you enter one or more horses who you believe is a good bet, i.e. will win or be placed at a reasonable price. a line or two of comment explaining why it is a good bet, is also required. The most consistent selections (regarding accuracy of comment) over the month wins the prize.

Data – Entry Form

We want to expand our community, and there is no better way than engaging our users into the discussion and work. On our Free speech pages you can enter your own informative articles, opinions, or any comment about horse racing. soccer, or sports in general, at length, and you can win a prize, every month it will be something different. This month it is, two tickets for Wincanton races on the 10th of March. We think this is the best way to improve our community and attract more people who like horse racing.
You can easily start your own page on our website and write about tips, tricks, history or other useful tricks regarding the horse racing and horses. To create your own page, with a link to it from the main freespeech pages, you first need to apply for a data entry password (Data Entry Form), if you do not already have one, this is simply a matter of entering your Name, Email and Alias/Pen Name (if required). Please note: when entering your content, you must not blatantly advertise, although, a link back to your own site (if you have one) is acceptable. Pay attention that spamming will not be tolerated and your account will be banned immediately. Always post informative, accurate and free-of-plagiarism content that can be useful to players and readers.