The Frequently Asked Questions Sections

This section contains the frequently asked questions, asked by the customers. As long as we want to provide the answers to all questions, it may happen that you could not find the answer on your question. In that case, you should contact us regarding the question. Our goal is to explain you everything you want to know, so don’t be afraid to ask us, as we tend to help you. We have a team of operators who are 24/7 online, just to answer you issues and help you to resolve you doubts.

Can I trust your service?

Yes, absolutely! Our business is fully transparent, without any hidden tricks! We aim to provide the best possible experience to all users, and that is our main motto!

Can you guarantee that I will win if I use the Racedata software?

No. Other things are also required, see Tips. However, we do guarantee that you are able to win if you know how to play and if you are a bit lucky.

Couldn’t I do just as well as this software, reading through the form books?

Yes, if you have the time, and you are prepared to spend many hours every night/morning cross-referencing form, you would be able to compete with Racedata.

When viewing previous races what are the two ratings coloumns?

The right most column in the window on the right, is the Racedata handicap value, the column next to it is the offcial handicap value.

When printing out placepot listings some races are highlighted PPPPP. Why?

Races highlighted PPPP in the placepots file just means it was almost selected as a banker, but didn’t quite meet the criteria.

There are headings with RDGCA with y/?/n below in the placepot and snips text files. What is represented?

R = recent run, D = ran over the distance, G = ran on the going, C = ran on the course, A = the average of its Racedata handicap values is within +-5 of its current value. All of these determinations applies to the race it was selected on, hence, C may equal N, but it may have run over the course at some time in the past, though, that race was not considered a suitable yardstick for its current race. Y = Yes, ? = yardstick race was close to the current going or distance (e.g. current race = good, yardstick race = g/f or g/s), N = No.

Following each horse is a rating and a price and a relationship (sometimes a minus figure) e.g today Woodcote Warrior 66 5/1 13 I presume of course that the price is a calculated value S.P. What are the other figures?

The first figure is the internal racedata handicap value for the current race, the second value is the s/p, and the third, is the value it has already accomplished above what is required to win this particular race (or below what is required, in the case of a negative figure).