The Other Sports You Can Place Bets On At Our Site

As we want to create and form a stable community that consists of betting enthusiasts, we though it was important to offer other sports as well. That is why we had expanded our list of available betting events.




Beside the horse racing, we offer you several other sports that allow you to place bets on. Soccer betting is very popular and at our website, you can bet n teams from English Premier league, Spanish Primera Division, French League 1 and Italian Serie A. At this moment, we offer only betting on these four leagues.


You can place bets on basketball games, including NBA and Euro League. As it is very popular sport, right after the soccer, a lot of players asked us to provide the betting on it. So we decided to make it open and we managed to attract many players to our website.


Beside traditional sports, you can enjoy in esports. As the popularity of this sport grows everyday, we decided to implement live matches and the opportunity to place bets on these matches. You can enjoy in DOTA, WOW, LOL, CS:GO, COD, Rocket League and many other games that are popular all around the globe.

Other sports

Beside abovementioned ones, we offer also tennis, formula, motogp and handball. The list is, however, going to be expanded as soon as we manage to accomplish some arrangements and deals. We wat to give you a full freedom!